·ZW8-12 type high-voltage AC vacuum circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as circuit breaker) is used in 12kV, 50Hz three-phase power system, mainly used to break the load current of closed clothing net, city network and small power system, Current, short circuit current.
The overall structure of the product is a three-phase common box type, and the three-phase vacuum interrupter is placed in a metal box, and the SMC insulation material is used for phase insulation and ground insulation, and the performance is reliable and the insulation strength is high.
·The circuit breaker can be equipped with an isolating switch or anti-surge protector according to the user's needs. The circuit breaker can be equipped with a manual spring operating mechanism or an electric spring mechanism, and the electric bullet operating mechanism can be equipped with a wireless remote control.
·The circuit breaker can be combined with the corresponding intelligent controller to form a smart circuit breaker according to the requirements of 10,000, to realize distribution network automation.
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