·ZW20Z-12 series Luwai intelligent high-voltage AC vacuum circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as circuit breaker, commonly known as "watchdog") is suitable for 12kV and below, AC 50Hz urban network and rural power distribution system. It has fault detection function, protection control function and communication function. It is installed in the 10kV overhead line responsibility demarcation point, which can realize automatic cutting, single-phase grounding and automatic isolation short-circuit fault. It is ideal for power distribution line transformation and distribution network automation construction. product.
• The circuit breaker can be operated manually, electrically operated, remotely operated and remotely operated. The circuit breaker is composed of three parts: the body, the operating mechanism and the controller (the isolating switch is selected and installed by the user). The circuit breaker can be configured with CT (protective current transformer), ZCT (zero sequence current transformer), and PT (voltage transformer) as needed. The circuit breaker is equipped with controllers with different functions to form intelligent switches, and can construct various types of distribution network automation systems, and can be upgraded step by step.

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