·FZ(R)N25-12(D) high-voltage AC vacuum load switch and combination electric appliance, suitable for three-phase AC 50Hz ring network or terminal power supply and industrial power equipment, for load control and short circuit protection, load switch Combined load, closed-loop current, no-load transformer and cable charging current, the combined electrical device can break any current up to the rated short-circuit current. The direct-acting isolation fracture and vacuum interrupter linkage have manual and electric functions.
·FZ(R)N25-12(D) unique transmission structure design, the arc extinguishing chamber is only subjected to high pressure at the moment of closing and breaking, so it is small in size and light in weight.
· FZ(R)N25-12(D) enables one-time operation of the isolation fracture and the interrupter of the arc chamber.
· FZ(R)N25-12(D) has a grounding valve interlocking with the grounding switch between the static contact and the movable contact, which ensures safe and convenient maintenance.

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