Strong 19th Peak Tourism Postscript

Autumn in October is the season of harvest! After the national environmental protection "storm" and security supervision, the strong sales performance has not been affected, and the performance of all employees has soared. In order to enrich the corporate culture of employees, promote mutual understanding among employees, enhance the company's cohesiveness and centripetal force, and organize all employees of the company to go to Xinchang 19 on October 21, in accordance with the company's welfare system (organizing all employees once a year) Peak tour!

The scale of this tour was huge and the organization was meticulous in the early stage. The travel members cover all the company's full-time employees and are allowed to bring family members. A few months ago, I began to draft a tourism plan. After a series of screenings and employee opinion polls, I decided to go to the beautiful peak of the 19th peak to relax. Before the departure, the administrative manager divided the entire tour members into fourteen groups and held a meeting of the leader. The meeting comprehensively analyzed various problems that may be encountered in tourism, and emphasized that the team leader should be brave enough to take responsibility and be responsible.

After a series of intensive planning, the powerful 19th Peak tourism event officially departed on the 21st. At 6 o'clock in the morning, when the first morning light was sprinkled on the front slab of the company, all the employees of the company had already assembled according to the group, and three luxury buses were set to start! . The first stop, we first came to Tianchan Lake, in the flooded lake, the blue waves, the mountains on both sides of the mountains are green, so intoxicating, and happy. After disembarking, climb along the stone steps, and an ancient temple stands in the top of the forest. The company's leaders are respectful of Chinese culture and caring for all employees of the company, and go to the ancient temple to pray for all employees! After the tour of Tianhua Lake, after the lunch dinner, he immediately came to the second station "Nineteen Peaks". The Nineteen Peaks is one of the magnificent Danxia landforms in China; the peaks and peaks are different in shape and lifelike. Ascend to the 19th peak, the volcanoes around the mountains, will be the top of the summit, the small feelings of the mountains are born.

The strong people-oriented business philosophy is to build a platform for every employee, so that everyone can achieve a good opportunity to show themselves and achieve their own self. The company carefully organizes this tourism activity, which not only allows employees to release their minds from busy work, returning to nature to experience a better life, more to enrich employees' spiritual and cultural life, to cultivate employees' sentiment, to cultivate teamwork spirit and to promote employees' fullness. Aspect development. During the whole journey, all the staff listened to the arrangement of tour guides and tour guides. Everyone assisted each other, courtesy, orderly car, orderly queues, safe travel, not afraid of difficulties, and always climbed the peak, perfectly showing the good mental outlook of strong employees. I believe that in the days to come, we will continue to meet every day with a full spirit and work enthusiasm, and create new glory for the company's development!

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