The powerful third-time migratory bird "Summer Vacation Class" started.

——Let us sail and sail. In the midsummer of July, the blue sky, the fireball-like sun ruthlessly roasts everything on the earth, but this does not stop us from moving forward. On July 7th, our third strong summer migratory bird summer class was about to start. In the morning, the parents led the "little migratory birds" to the classroom with joyful steps. The face was full of innocent smiles, and the good mood of the day began.

Summer classes are made up of students from kindergarten to sixth grade. The "small migratory birds" of different ages gathered together and soon became good friends, and they learned to play together. The first thing they come to every day is to take the initiative to complete the summer homework. When there is a problem that they don't understand, they will seek the help of the teacher. The teacher will also answer the questions carefully and patiently check the work that the “Little Migratory Birds” have already completed. After the lunch, the "little migratory birds" are staring at me, and I am lying next to you for a nap, forming a picture of harmony and friendship. Our company also provided a love snack for the "Little Migratory Birds". This group of little lynxes were excited when they saw it. This is also the time they are most looking forward to every day. "Little migratory birds" learn from each other in the classroom, give full play to their creativity, and live a full and beautiful day!

The establishment of a strong small migratory bird summer vacation class will solve the worries of the staff working in our company and effectively improve their work quality and work enthusiasm. Our company also wants to use this form to cultivate children's imagination and creativity, enhance their interest in learning and strengthen their communication skills, and make a contribution to their development. I hope that they will continue to develop in the future, and set sail!

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