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What are the basic conditions for applying to join the strong marketing network (hereinafter referred to as the distributor)?

1. Applicants should agree with a strong corporate culture concept and abide by strong marketing policies and regulations;

2. Applicants should have certain marketing network resources and business operation capabilities, and have certain financial strength;

3. The market that the applicant has applied for is in line with the development target market of the powerful company;

4. Applicants should abide by the law and have no bad social records and hobbies;

5. Applicants should be honest and trustworthy.

How to become an agent of our company?

In emerging markets, areas with undeveloped markets or low market share of strong products, if a customer applies, after three months of cooperation, an agreement can be signed depending on the sales situation, authorizing them to be agents; the agreement must stipulate annual sales tasks, such as In the first three months of the agreement period, one month can reach 1/12 of the annual sales volume, and the company has the right to cancel its authorization.

What are the rights enjoyed by agents (except ordinary dealers)?

1. Enjoy the wholesale price;

2. Fixed year-end rebates (determined based on sales performance);

3. In the protection of interests in a specific field, customers will be instructed to contact the agent when they call the company for inquiry;

4. Appropriate advertising or advertising support.

What are the obligations of the agent?

1. Strictly implement the company's sales policy (including a unified price policy);

2, the distribution of solder products brand should be unique, not allowed to concurrently run other similar manufacturers of products;

3. To timely convey to Party A the supply and demand trends and price information of local market power products, and assist Party A to do a good job in reducing product costs and improving product quality;

4. Party B shall incorporate Party A's product sales into the important work of the Company and commit to open the local market;

5. As the sales outlet of Party A, Party B shall obey the unified marketing management of the company and promise to fulfill the company's obligation to keep commercial (technical) secrets.

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