Needle-solder paste

The needle-solder paste is specially produced for point coating process. This product is carefully formulated, adopt the automatic glue dispensing equipment to provide a
stable volume of solder paste, has a reliable performance. Adapt to various soldering processes, less residue after soldering, low corrosion, the residue accounts for 2% of
solder paste. Products with a strong chemical and physical stability, at the constant temperature between 20-28℃,can make a precise and stable amount of the tin, acc-
ording to the customer' s different processes, can choose a needle which is 0.15-2.0 mm inside diameter, can meet the needs of various types of precision point coating
• Has a good smoothness ans stability of automatic dispensing  glue, gum exudation and viscosity change little.
Good soldering ability, and has a high online qualified rate, the rate of soldering point appear pore is below 10%.
Residue is insulated and impedance can be used for non cleaning process, residue can be easily soluble in organic solvents.
Full soldering point after soldering、light、High strength,good electrical performance.
Good storage performance of product, can be stored for a week at 25℃, the shelf life at a temperature between 0℃ and 10℃ is 6 months.
Appropriate heating methods: reflow oven、tunnel stove、constant heat oven.

Solder paste specially used for photovoltaic

This solder paste is consist of high activity soldering flux and spherical solder  powder which is low oxygen degree. is suitable to solder bare copper  and  the  copper  which
surface is  nickel  plated, can effectively remove the oxide on the device or oxide on chip and oxide on soldering pad, forming a high strength soldering, and extremely low
of the hole. Is used for soldering IGBT, photovoltaic device, other device and products which has high requirement for residue,  improve  the long-term use reliability of the product, and reduce the cost of cleaning.
• This product is a disposable type, less residue after  reflow  soldering, low corrosion, high insulation and impedance on surface.
In an allowed range, continuous printing performance is stable, in a long time after printing can be consistent with the initial printing effect, no tiny solder ball.
Excellent film removal ability when soldering, be suitable for fine pitch device mounting.
Has a good smoothness and stability of automatic dispensing glue, gum  exudation and viscosity change little.
Solvent volatilize slowly, will not affect the viscosity of solder  paste for a long time soldering.
Good thixotropy, it is not easy to collapse when printing or after printing, can reduce the occurrence of soldered Bridge
Good soldering ability, and has a high online qualified rate, the rate of soldering point appear pore is below 10%.
Full soldering point after soldering, light, High strength, excellent electrical conductivity.
Good storage performance of product, can be stored for 6 months at a  temperature between 0℃ to 10℃.

Product features

Good printing rolling performance and leak printing  performance,even the spacing of solder pad is low to 0.4mm,can also complete a exquisite printing.
• Can complete  continuous printing for a long time, almost without collapse after printing for a few hours, small viscosity change, SMD components are not easy to move.
• Excellent soldering  performance, can complete a good wetting in different parts.
• In a wide range of reflow soldering  temperature  can  still perform well in the soldering performance.
• Less residue after soldering, transparent appearance, high insul-ation resistance, do not corrode the PCB, and meet the disposable requirement.
• Better ICT test performance, will not appear the false judgment.
• Can adapt soldering of PCB which is special gold plated material, no irritating smell.

Performance parameter

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