Lead-free solder wire and variety

Integrating the research and practical experience in producing the welding alloy and solid state flux for many years, combining  miniaturization  and  environment
protection  development direction of modern electronic industry and demand of high  reliability  product, the company produces lead-free solder wire including
Sn/Cu, Sn/Ag, Sn/Sb, Sn/Ag/Cu, Sn/Ag/Bi, Sn/Ag/In/Ce, Sn/Sb/Bi alloys, to be helpful for lead-free processing. 
• Automatic welding solder wire illumination solder wire
• Stainless steel solder wire
• No-clean solder wire 
• Solid-cored solder wire
• High-temperature solder wire
• Low-temperature solder wire
• Nickel-plated solder wire 
• Supply kinds of specifications and varieties of tin alloy contents for users. 

Virtues of lead-free solder wire

Solder joint is bright and firm. 
• Short wetting time, fine weld ability. 
• Don't splash the rosin during welding. 
• Rosin in the wire is distributed evenly and  shows fine continuity.
• Little dross of welding head.
• Solder wire can't be snarled when it performs routing automatically.
• Wire coiling appears trim, nice and polished. 
• No smell, little smoke, without volatilizing gas harmful for healthy. 

Lead-free solder wire soldering technology

Hand Soldering and Rework.
• Iron tip temperature should be higher  than  400℃.
• To avoid excess heat input, swifter action with the iron is required, and this implies significant operator retraining.
• Iron tip life will be shorter.

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