Soldering tin wire and variety

Adopted flux technique of high-tech producing directions,  owned complete automatic soldering tin wire pipeline, and combined the demand of electron product  miniaturization and precision, our company  exert all the  time  and powers into developing product with high quality. For many years' uninterru- pted endeavor, we succeed in developing various soldering tin wire product. Generally, the diameters of them are from Φ0.3mm-Φ9.0mm.

• Automatic welding solder wire
• Illumination solder wire
• Stainless steel solder wire
• Soldering tin wire type
• Colophony core soldering tin wire
• Soldering tin wire special for capacitor
• Low temperature soldering tin wire
• High temperature soldering tin wire 
• Soldering tin wire for other particular applications

Product features:

Our company provides various  specifications of soldering tin wire, different tin content and wire diameter from  Φ0.3mm-Φ9.0mm  for the clients.  The product has the advantages as follows:
•  Safe brightness of soldering points;  
•  Fine soldering capability;  
  Slight splash, smoke and smelling while soldering;  
•  Low corrosion;  
•  Small quantity of leftover and light colour after soldering; 
•  High insulation resistance.

Automatic soldering solder wire 

Adopt the special formula of solder flux,and combined with modern electronic products miniaturization and high precision development needs,developed a variety of alloy and wire diameter solder wire,can meet the needs of large-scale production in automatic soldering process.Compatible with all brands of automatic soldering machine,suitable for machine soldering, drag soldering and manual soldering process,excellent wettability,fast soldering and freezing speed,Bridge connection, tipping,less smoke,can effectively inhibit the solder and flux spatter, residual can be free cleaning (except the special products).

Soldering tin wire type

High quality rosin is selected to make this product. There are three kinds of rosin cores. R type (low activity), RAM type (medium active) and RA type (highly active). 
This series of products are characterized speedy soldering, less spark and solder joint with brightness and cleanness, and other technical properties which could totally match the require meants posed by modem-developing  technique. And we provide various kinds of alloy compositions and wire diameters for your choice.

Solder wires special for capacitors

Solder wires special for capacitor, with characteristics of speedy soldering, fast melt, bright and clean solder joint, reliability, are highly active ones made by adopting advanced international fluxes recipe and mails used in capacitors man-ufacturing by which dire welding can be conducted on the hard-to-solder media such as zinc alloy and soon.

Stainless steel solder wire

Adopt the special formula of solder flux,and Combined with modern product diversification and high precision development needs,developed stainless steel solder wire,be able to meet the requirements of 304, 316 and other stainless steel soldering requirement.Compatible with all brands of automatic soldering machine,suitable for machine soldering, drag soldering and manual soldering process,excellent wettability,moderate soldering and freezing speed,need to clean the residual after soldering.(prohibit solder Flux directly contact with skin)

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