Lead-free solder bar and variety

Integrating researching and practical experience in producing solder bars for many years, combining environment protection development direction of modern electronic
industry and demands of reliability product,  the  company  produces  lead-free tin bars with high purity  metal  raw  material. Under strict quality control, the company
effectively control the impurity content of oxidizing metal and  nonmetal, and the tin bar shows  smooth  surface,  quite  high purity, fine flowing after  fusing,  wonderful
wettability,  polished soldering spot, little oxidizing rubbish and so on.  It is  suitable for wave welding and hand welding that is required high quality,  Thousand is  land
continues to research and develop, in order to supply lead-free solder bar of kinds of alloy scales and types for customers.
• Lead-free anti-oxidation tin bar
• Lead-free tin bar of high temperature
• Lead-free tin bar of  low temperature 
• Lead-free tin bar with silver
• Tin bars for other special applications 

Guide points of lead-free welding

In order that you can smoothly perform lead-free process, QLG supplies some key points about using  the  lead-free  solder before  you use the lead- free assembly,
we wish these key points can be helpful for your production.  wish these key points can be helpful for your production:
• Please choose Sn/Ag/Cu, Sn/Cu, Sn/Ag  alloys, because these alloys are the best eutectic  alloy of lead-free solders, and can greatly withstand the lead interfusion,even,  they are more  suitable for step-by-step lead- free  processing  of  whole material.
• Check the temperature-control stability of lead-free equipment, to make sure the lowest  temperature difference during welding. 
• Improve wetting ability of lead-free solder through taking use of die plate tappingequipment, nitrogen welding environment and higher active soft solder. 
• After welding, please pay attention to checking the  electric  performance,  stressof butt-welding material, thermal fatigue,  creeping  and  damage for mechanical vibration. 
• Make sure the material alloy and thermal resistance are matching with solder. 

Variety, supplying form and feature of qiangli solder alloy

Green ● in the table means the available products are produced by us. We recommend the ideal lead-free solder QLC007/QLA305 to you. 

Mechanical property of lead-free Solder

Soldered joint for electronic  assembling, which takes effect on  electrical  connecting  (transmit  electrical signal), also on mechanical connecting, hence, it fully proves that the  solder  alloy  must  contain  enough-mechanical property. 
Consult:  most of lead-free  solders  elastic  modulus, tensile strength, anti-creep property are  higher  than or equal to those of Sn-Pb solder, however, the elon-gation rate (namely, toughness) is quite low.

Select alloy for lead-free Solder

Up to now, the  international  standard  and  national standard on lead-free solder  haven't  been  formed, but kinds of alloys having  been developed at  home and abroad are confused to  manufacturers of elec-ronic products, hence the  following  chart  supplied by us is the recent questionnaire result  of  the  world main manufacturers of main electronic products, their selections can be taken as reference to you. 

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