No-clean flux series

The no-clean flux manufactured by our company, which is adopted by adva-nced manufacturing technics and technique and strict quality control,  applies to spray type froth wave crest soldering and  immersed soldering. It has the advantages of clear panel, low rudimental, bright soldering point, no corrosion,good soldering poperty, and comfort able smelling after soldering. It is suitable for soldering of heat wind trimness wiring board, bare copper wiring  board, double-surface board, multi-layer board, and paste & insert combination wiring board.  It complies with CSJ/T11273-2002 standard, no-clean liquid flux. 

Technique standard

Appearance: achromatous
Proportion(20℃): 0.808±0.005
Extension rate:≥86
Anti-corrosion: eligible
Insulated resistance≥1.0×1012

Main purpose

It mainly applies to the wave crest soldering, manual immersed soldering of electron  products in electron industry  computer, and  household  electrical communication
Qiangli brand flux has many types  of  serial  specifications: 
• No clean flux, 
• Colophony type flux, 
• Heat wind trimness flux,
• Special flux.
The conditions of QLG brand flux apply to wave crest soldering:   
• Soldering temperature: win furnace is 240-260℃; 
• Warm-up temperature: 80℃-120℃;  
 Flux coated capactity: 1000-1500microgramme/square inch;  
• Assembly line speed: 1.0-2.0 m/min.

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