Powerful 2015 Annual Work Summary and Commendation Conference was held

Congratulations on the strong 2015 annual work summary and commendation conference

At 9:00 on January 21, 2016, the 2015 Annual Work Summary and Commendation Conference was held in the event center on the fifth floor of the company. All the staff gathered together to sum up the past and share the future. The conference was hosted by the administrative department manager Zhan Minzhou.

At the meeting, Zheng Jianjiang, executive vice president of the Power Soldering Division, first read the commendation document and commended the employees of “Three Excellent” (excellent staff, excellent grassroots managers, excellent team) and employees with strong business loyalty awards. The strong business loyalty award winners reached 7 employees after five years of work, and each received 5,000 yuan. After 10 years of work, Liang Zhen, the production manager of the soldering department, won a prize of 10,000 yuan. Zhao Tuqiang, the chairman of the company, respectively The awards and photo-taking were carried out, and the awarding process took place in a warm and cheerful atmosphere.

Then the meeting was made by Zheng Jianjiang, executive vice president of the soldering department, and Zhang Jing, general manager of the high-pressure business department. They made a good summary of the overall work in 2015, found the gap, set goals, and carried out the work ideas for 2016. Detailed planning.

Finally, Zhao Tuqiang, chairman of Zhejiang Power Holdings, made an important speech. He pointed out that in 2015, under the extremely bad market environment, Strong Holdings has made great development and improvement in market development and maintenance and internal management, which makes the company feel gratified; the company's steady development, blueprint architecture The show makes employees excited. In particular, the chairman's interpretation of the country's macroeconomic policies, the analysis of the current economic situation, and the comparison with the industry have made the whole staff feel deeply, and determined their determination to cherish their work and do their jobs. In order to better improve the quality of all staff and improve the management level, the company invested 300,000 yuan in training funds in 2016, and invited famous lecturers to come to the company to teach and guide. All of this highlights the strong holdings of the industry to be the first-class ambition and aspirations of the industry, strong people will definitely create more brilliant, strong dreams will be realized.

After the conclusion of the commendation ceremony, the company organized a dinner party. Interspersed with lottery and WeChat red envelope activities, this year's prizes include refrigerators, velvet quilts, rice cookers and insulated water bottles. The winners were smiling and not happy. The WeChat red envelopes were everyone's share. Everyone was passionate and pushed the dinner party to a climax. The laughter was lingering in the ears. The whole dinner event fully reflected the unity, collaboration and enthusiasm of the powerful people, and injected infinite vitality into the company's new journey in 2016.

Powerful to have you, feel warm and warm; strong for you, common gratitude, the annual summary and commendation conference successfully came to a close.

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