Strong Holdings wins double copies of “Guowang One Paper”

Recently, the high-voltage products of Zhejiang Power Holdings Co., Ltd. successfully passed the verification of the qualification qualification of the State Grid Corporation supplier, and obtained the “Verification Certificate of Supplier Qualification Ability” (referred to as “one paper certificate”).

In this review, the State Grid Corporation commissioned the State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Company to conduct a detailed on-site audit and verification of the documents and materials of the company, from the company's performance, technical strength, certification, product type test report, manufacturing equipment. The test procedures, manufacturing process, production environment, product capacity, etc. have carried out strict verification and inspection, results feedback and other project processes, and it is unanimously recognized that Zhejiang Power Holdings Co., Ltd. has the qualification of the State Grid supplier, thus obtaining the “One Paper Certificate” of the State Grid. ".

Zhao Tuqiang, chairman of Zhejiang Strong Holdings Co., Ltd., said that he hopes to take advantage of the “one paper certificate” of the State Grid to vigorously expand the national grid business and make unremitting efforts to serve the national grid power system for powerful high-voltage brand products.

It is also reported that Zhejiang Powerful Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Strong Holdings, has also obtained the “National Network One Paper Certificate”. Therefore, the powerful high-voltage electrical and electric power fittings brands have entered the national power grid field at the same time, which is a double happiness!

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