Strong Party Branch actively practices the "two studies and one doing" activity

In order to welcome the 95th birthday of the Communist Party of China, the strong party branch actively carried out the obligation to beautify and purify the village activities with the "Party in my heart". The two committees of Tangyu Yucun Village and their community corrections where the enterprise is located participated in this activity. The feast of the party's great achievements, praised the great Communist Party of China.

The “two studies and one doing” activity was carried out in-depth in the enterprise. The strong party branch led all employees to learn advanced in the enterprise, provide suggestions for the development of the enterprise, and create a good working atmosphere. The whole activity was grounded and meaningful, and the party members in the field They are full of enthusiasm, not afraid of dirty, not afraid of tiredness, and cooperate with each other to clean up the domestic garbage in the village and the long-abandoned construction waste, leaving no dead space, changing the dirty, chaotic and poor situation in the village. This environmental sanitation centralized rectification activity It has won the support and praise of the masses. The villagers also participated spontaneously, contracted in front of the door, maintained long-term environmental sanitation, and created a beautiful and clean environment for the masses of residents.

Director of Xiangdong Community Gold said that the village-owned party building was built together, sharing resources, sharing public welfare, and learning from party classes to achieve common development of villages and enterprises.

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